About Us

Douglas Jones Warehouse

Douglas Jones Mosaics is a leading importer and wholesaler of unique, high-quality glass, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and recycled glass mosaics to the Southern African market. We offer bespoke, ever-evolving collections and specialty décor products, in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Douglas Jones products can be found in most leading tile retailers across Southern Africa

The history of Douglas Jones

Robin Douglas-Jones was one of the key figures in the introduction of mosaics into the South African market. Having owned a hardware store in Port Elizabeth and then establishing Kenzan Tiles, Robin moved to wholesaling mosaics and tile décor products when he identified a need in the ceramic tile business for more mosaic, décor and tile accent products.

That void was soon filled by Douglas Jones – the tile decor Collection, who began supplying tile retailers in early 2000. Since then the business has grown and has expanded across Southern Africa.

Robin seemed to understand how fickle the mosaic market can be. With so many different products to choose from around the world he had to be absolutely certain that a specific range would be accepted and supported by the local market, for which he had a brilliantly trained eye.


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